Are pain relief and healing oil safe?

This is the most common question that is asked by so many people nowadays. Keeping in mind that the pain relief and healing oil is gaining popularity very first in the present century, most people do not know if it is safe to use or not.

There are factors that determine if the use of this product is safe for use or not. After pain relief and healing, oil was discovered to have so many health benefits, so many people started using it. Funny enough, people only know how important this product can be. They do not know that it might have side effects that are harmful to one’s health.

Factors that determine if pain relief and healing oil safety

  • The age
  • The health condition of the person
  • Medication and other use
  • The chemical composition of the pain relief and healing oil
  • The method of using the product
  • The timeframe or the duration of use
  • The stipulated dosage

Safety guidelines for pain relief and healing oil use


  • To prevent adverse reactions, it is advisable to always dilute the oil before use. It is a general rule that the pain and healing oil concentration should be kept below five percent.
  • To make sure that you are doing the correct thing, always dilute the pain relief and healing oil with a carrier oil. These carrier oils are vegetable based and that makes them the best for the dilution.

Take a patch test

  • This kind of test will make sure that you see how your skin will react. Testing with a smaller portion is good instead of applying to the whole body only to find negative feedback.
  • To test, wash the forearm with soap that is not scented, make sure that the area is dry, apply few drops of the diluted pain relief and healing oil, then wrap the area. Wait for 24 hours then watch the results.


Pain relief and healing oil have grown and become the most used oil all over the world. This product is not only helpful for relaxation but also good in treating diseases such as cancer, pains, intoxicating the body, depression and many more health conditions. Though this product is good, if not used carefully and keenly, it might end up yielding bad and poor results instead of helping solve health issues. Therefore, it is good to always seek clarity before using the product.

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